EUR/USD Forex Technical Analysis for June 10, 2016


EUR/USD Forex Technical Analysis for June 10, 2016

Technical Analysis – The EUR/USD pair broke down during the day on Thursday, forming an outside bearish candle. This is a negative sign, but at the end of the day I think there’s plenty of support below so I actually and waiting for supportive candle in order to start going long. At that point in time, I think we will try to make up and build up enough momentum to grind away towards the 1.15 handle. Until then, expect a lot of volatility, but I think ultimately the buyers will step back in and take control.

In Other View point – EURUSD live analysis from STBinary Pro-room

Looking at the European markets today it is clear that uncertainty is truly king. These are some of the largest market price swings that we have seen since the last true market collapse. Truth is, with monetary policy in Europe and in fact Asia as well, the only “cure” so far, has been to print and print and print further currency. To push and spend and get into further debt. Infostructures are crumbling, geo-political unrest rules the headlines…. But as a currency trader!? :) THESE ARE THE BEST DAMN DAYS IN OUR LIVES!!!! EUR/USD Fan and wave formation – CALL TRADES HOUR EOD EOW EOM expiry

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