How To Combine Forex Fundamental Analysis & Technicals Analysis


How To Combine Forex Fundamental Analysis & Technicals Analysis

Fundamental Analysis – To approach trading the forex market purely from a technical analysis stand point is in my opinion to be looking at the market with only one eye open. This is because the never-ending flow of economic news coming into the market throughout the day, every day around the world has the capacity to drive price significantly, regardless of what the charts say.

When analysing the forex market we need to keep a close eye on developing fundamental themes that paint the picture of current and also future expectations of countries’ economies which drive the price of their respective currencies verses their international counter parts.

However, we also must pay attention to technical levels, in particular to established support and resistance levels so that we may fine tune our trading entries in an effort to better time our trades in line with our fundamental view.

In this video you’ll discover how to combine forex fundamental analysis AND forex technical analysis to uncover trading opportunities that not only have a high probability of success, but also a high probability of big profits!