The Difficulty with Top Hedge Fund Managers’ Trade Ideas

The Difficulty with Top Hedge Fund Managers’ Trade Ideas.

The world’s largest hedge fund managers didn’t come to manage billions of dollars for investors for poor performance and crazy ideas. They are remarkable traders and investors with remarkable knowledge, resources and process. That said, their approach to the market’s does not always reflect the best approach to trading for the average retail trader. There are significant differences between their presence and approach that goes behind just the dramatic account size difference. Duration, risk profile, options, influence and priorities are among a number of factors that create significant gaps between a good trade for a hedge fund and a good trade for the average trader. In today’s strategy video, we reflect on a few market views from a few of the fund managers (Druckenmiller, Chanos, Gundlach and Robbins) at the Ira Sohn hedge fund conference along with why these may not be particularly easy or practical for the average trader to mirror.

By: This Forex Analysis is published by, Written By John Kicklighter